We're going to go out on a limb and put forth a guess that you have likely not encountered a couple who, when asked "How did you two meet?"  cannot answer the question. But ... it's true. In our case is was a matter of having spent time at the same workplace, in the same churches and being involved in some of the same communtiy activities but due to our circumstances there was never a real "meeting".  
Robin was divorced and a single mom and Gary was married and not 'on the market' so any acquaintence was just that; only an acquaintence. Although we probably lnew each other existed, it was not something that would ever be explored.  Looryking back, it's really impossible to tell if there was a first "meeting" even though we have really, really tried!

Then, in 2003 Gary divorced and circumstances put us together to work on a project.  That project was our first real 'meeting' and the story i a good one.

Following a divorce action there aren't a lot of good feelings to be had.  Although seperated for several months, when the final action is completed,  and you come home to a life change so dramatic and permanent, it is hard to explain what the feeling is like; as if the world has lost color, or breeze, and for some reason you are suddenly an outsider to life in general.  Gary spent a few weeks there; not really getting beyond the getting home from work and waiting around for some new life to happen.  Friends were so suportive and absolutely vital at that time.

Speaking of friends, Robin had been asked to sing at a friend's wedding.  Actually, it waste daughter of a co-worker and the music request involved a duet.  Robin received a suggestion to call Gary as he had been part of a singing group and might be open to helping out.  What Robin didn't know was that thse divorce had kind of left him soured on the whole idea of marriage and the thought of singing at a wedding was pretty far down on the list of desireable acitivities.  Nevertheless, after a week's pondering Gary decided to do the gig because sitting around moping wasn't going so well.  In late September, 2003 we met formally for the first time and began to work on the wedding preparations.

The wedding came off very well, and we decided to go get a late lunch after the ceremony before parting ways.  The lunch proved to be relaxing and full of good converation.  A week or so later we met again and what ensued was 15 months of occasional lunches and dinners and a few evening engagements that weren't really dates (at least in Gary' mind).  Then, one evening right after the New Year 2005, Gary' friend Paul aked "Have you even kissed her yet?"  ... Those words aslo came to Robin, likely within just a couple of hours, from her friend Celia.  Talk about throwing a potential wrench into a good thing; is that something both wanted?  Thankfully, we could talk openly and it didn't take long to figure out that it was indeed what we both wanted; our friendship changed to a relationship and our get-togethers changed to dates.  We found out about the safety of a trusting relationship and life wa good.  We even started making plans about things we'd do in the future.

At this point, we worked together; either coincidentally or as employee & supervisor.  Both of us had been doing serious thinking over the months about our future, but we both enjoyed the way things were.  But one day ...  
Gary's boss called him aside and explained that there were concerns that employee/supervisor realattions were touchy things in the world of Government employment, and he advised that Gary (as a supervisor) should be extremely careful because it is easy for other empoyees to call out 'favoritism' (which we worked very hard to avoid, but hey .. the workplace can get pretty catty sometimes). 
Gary said, without hesitation, words that would change everything and asked hi boss "Would it make any difference if Robin was my fiancee?"  

The stage was now set and the plan began to form about asking "The Question". On Sept. 2nd, 2005 Robin said "Yes! and the wedding was planned for June of the following year.  The wedding was unconventional, accommodating shift working friends, and just plain fun. 
06-10-06 will be a date that will alway be remembered as the rowdy church service with a marriage in the middle.  There were footballs flying around the church .. what can we say???